Crystal Anniversary split

by Motion Sickness of Time Travel



Split LP with Nova Scotian Arms
Aguirre Records, ZORN 15
Edition of 300

This split lp sees the man/wife duo of Grant and Rachel Evans performing under their own solo projects. In the past two years they have released a bunch of awesome tapes and cd-rs on their label “Hooker Vision”. They also record and perform as droneduo Quiet Evenings.

This record was created to celebrate the crystal anniversary of the Grant and Rachel and indeed the sounds on both sides sound like a perfect marriage. Grant
Rachel touches down with the shorter and harsher track “Censer”

With stunningly beautiful collage artwork by Grant & Rachel Evans.

The first 50 orders come with an exclusive insert. *** available ***

Mastered by Lawrence English
Limited to 300 copies
Artwork by Grant & Rachel Evans

Listen to Nova Scotian Arms' half of this album here:


released November 2, 2011



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