Seeping Through the Veil of the Unconscious

by Motion Sickness of Time Travel



THESE TRACKS ARE OF THE CASSETTE VERSION. The LP re-issues have a different track order and have been remastered for vinyl by Brad Rose.

You can purchase the mastered (vinyl-version) tracks from Boomkat here:

Cassette (edition of 80)
Digitalis Ltd. (ltd154)

LP re-issue (limited vinyl edition, 200 green/300 black)
Digitalis (digiv032)

LP 2nd pressing (500 white vinyl)
Digitalis (digiv032)

"*Initial copies come on ultra-limited green vinyl. Beautiful layered vocals and electronics - a must for fans of Grouper.* Sublime temporal intervention of fragile drone pop from Motion Sickness Of Time Travel, the solo alias of Hooker Vision co-curator, Rachel Evans. Between graduating from college and starting grad school last year she committed these five tracks onto a cassette for Digitalis which has since been remastered onto emerald green vinyl by Brad Rose, who hailed the album as "the best demo I've ever received" - and it's really easy to believe him. 'Seeping Through The Veil of the Unconscious' finds Evans' individual sound suspended like a time-lapsed image of Grouper's angelic reveries or a more minimal, gaseous take on the sound made by Stellar Om Source. This is the sort of music you inhale with your ears, catching its subtly harmonised notes in your pleasure centres like some tingling rare space gas. Gazing out into the twinkling slow synth haemorrhage 'Clairvoyance', wordless vocals drift by like space dust on an endless cosmic voyage, while 'Mental Projection' is laced with the same kind of after-hours substance that informed the finest post-Detroit UK electronica. However, the album's guiding star has to be the radiant 'Telepathy', a heart-stopping late night lullaby of half-heard vocal fragrances redolent of Altar Eagle albeit within a darkly rhythmic and strange 3D sound sphere. The detailed crevices and dense pop essence of this album takes everything she's done before to incredible new heights, hence our highest recommendation for lovers of midnight electronic romance." -boomkat

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released August 1, 2010

music by Rachel Evans
LP music remastered by Brad Rose
cassette artwork by Rachel Evans
LP artwork by Grant Evans



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