Variations on Sleep split

by Motion Sickness of Time Travel



Split cassette with Listening Mirror.
Bathetic 49.

Bathetic is pleased to bring this limited edition split cassette from two wonderful up and comers in the realm of beautiful ambient soundcape music; Rachel Evans' Motion Sickness Of Time Travel & Jeff Stonehouse's Listening Mirror.

This comes hot off the heels of Bathetic's initial Listening Mirror release, the breathtaking The Heart Of The Sky.

Motion Sickness Of Time Travel has been steadily builiding a name for itself, as Rachel Evans creates absolutely dream-like fields of musical texture. Recalling, vaguely the likes of Grouper or Sparkling Wide Pressure, Evans submits long, shimmering pieces that travel from concrete droning tone to heavenly, dense reverb-bliss. Shaking the dirt loose from the folds of your hands. This is heavy, heavy, heavy; in the purest, most blinding way.

Listening Mirror is becoming another name to follow, as Jeff Stonehouse keeps bringing the most intimate ambient music to our ears. For this split, we're set to the skies with long-reaching synth sweeps and a beautiful backdrop of bassy drone. Soon, voices emerge, the sky becomes thick and heavy. Glorious, bright, and intense. This is not background music. Crank it and find yourself worshipping the sun, the stars, and reaching towards the heavens.

Edition of 100.

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released December 25, 2011



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