Cassette, edition of 200
(Digitalis, DIGI059X)


"during the last few months of 2010, rachel evans & i sent a lot of ideas and thoughts back & forth via email in an effort to create something truly special with her "luminaries & synastry" album. rachel worked on and recorded so much incredible music during that period that it became a major undertaking in-and-of itself to pare down everything she'd recorded into a single, stellar 45 minute document. after weeks of deliberation, we settled on a tracklist. the problem, then, was that there were so many other fantastic pieces of music that didn't make the cut. so we put our heads together again and came up with the idea of doing a companion tape that included the best of those outtakes plus two tracks from the very-limited/impossible to find "sistrum" 3" CDR. with that i give you "white candle." - Digitalis

"We shouldn't need to remind you that MSOTT aka Rachel Evans has owned our listening habits over the last year with a string of divine releases on the likes of Digitalis and Hooker Vision. The latest, 'White Candle' is essentially a collection of outtakes from one of her most cherished LPs, 'Luminaries & Synastries' coupled with two tracks from her impossible-to-find 'Sistrum' 3" CDr. It came about as she and Digitalis boss Brad Rose realised that it would be a huge shame to leave behind the material which didn't make it onto 'Luminaries…', which was only omitted because of time constraints and certainly not quality issues. It's very much made of the same dewy, crystalline essence as its predecessor, full of those breathy, gently coital vocals and sheets of gauzy, skin-prickling synth harmonics which sound quite unlike anyone else we can recall. She opens the A-side with the minimalist, sighing strings of 'The Way Home', using the most sparing chord changes to captivating effect while she coos across the stereo field, before we find her her in gazing, Carpenter style (John not Karen) on the Detroit-esque Techno plains of 'I Never Knew', and arriving at the placid 'Sea Of Dreams'. B-side she dives below the surface in the submersible 'Binah', suspended in gloopy aquatic drones and sustained through reedy melody while the transcendent 'Disappear' loses her to saltier, but sweetly dissonant layers of lapping washes. So, so lush…"
- Boomkat


released August 1, 2011

Music by Rachel Evans
Artwork by Francesco De Gallo

**NOTE: If you purchased a copy of White Candle, there's an error for the printing of the track list on the J-card.
A1. The Way Home
A2. I Never Knew
A3. Into Colors
A4. Sea of Dreams
B1. Binah
B2. Inner Circle
B3. Disappear



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